A quick check of the weather, or a glance out the window will let you know- winter is upon us. This is the time of year to dream of sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue waters.

Why just dream about it though? Spending a day or two in the Bahamas can be just a quick first class flight away.

If you’ve got plans to come down to Miami or Fort Lauderdale for the winter break, be sure to check out our day trip to Staniel Cay! Sure, there’s lots to do in South Florida, but if you want something really memorable, heading to the Bahamas for a bit can be a life changing experience.

Visit the bahamas this Winter

Let’s face it. South Florida can be a bit crowded during the holidays. Our population booms with tourists and snow birds, and it can be difficult to carve out a little piece of paradise for yourself.

Not so in the Bahamas! You can get a little breathing room, catch some rays, swim with the famous swimming pigs of the Exumas, and chill out. Not a winter chill, mind you. A warm, sunny, peaceful chill.

Our trips leave from the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, and our concierge can handle everything for you. You can trust our experienced pilots to provide a quick, easy flight over some of the prettiest landscape the tropics has to offer. Even if you aren’t interested in Staniel Cay, you can charter a flight to many locations in and around South Florida, including the Keys! If you haven’t renewed your passport, we can still get you somewhere beautiful.

Find Your Own Beach


Speaking of South Florida… perhaps you live here. Winter doesn’t mean quite the same thing to you. What it ends up meaning is even bigger crowds.

Consider slipping away from the busy beaches of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and fly on over to the Bahamas for a bit of a breather. Drop us a note here at Staniel Air, and you’ll be on your way to some peace and quiet. You can either enjoy our day trip, or simply book a flight to the island paradise. Single seats are often available!

Either way, we hope everyone has a great winter break, and we’d love to see you on our peaceful, quiet little island of Staniel Cay. We promise you’ll have a great time, and, you’re almost guaranteed a great spot on the beach.