Have you ever heard of a place called Staniel Cay? Believe it or not, a lot of people are unaware of this beautiful destination and it happens to be located in one of the most visited places on the planet, the Bahamas!

Staniel Cay

This beautiful island is located in the Exuma Cays, which is a district in the Bahamas about 75 miles south of Nassau. The population consists of a few locals – the island is home to about 120 full-time residents.

About Staniel Cay

The Bahamian residential sites consist of housing, a local church, a post office, library, three small retail stores, and a few marine supply shops. Most of the residents and business owners are very familiar with each other, which over the years has established a good relationship within the community. Most famous is the Staniel Cay Yacht Club – a local favorite watering hole with a rich history of celebrity sightings and movie star visits.

Security & Preservation of Staniel Cay Biodiversity

The island is enforced by the Bahamas National Trust. They are in charge to vigilantly ensure the conservation and preservation of the Bahamas and its natural beauty.

Beauty Gifted by Mother Nature

Staniel Cay is located near the center of Exuma Cays, it is composed of beaches, salt lakes and a wide range of different types of vegetation. The only way that tourists and visitors can reach the island is through a private plane or boat. This makes it an ideal getaway location for those looking to get off the grid for a few days. There are ample accommodations on the island including the Lazy Bay Cottages and the soon to be rebuilt Thunderball Resort. Getting to the island is a great experience too – flying from South Florida it only takes a little over an hour on a  picturesque flight to Staniel Cay’s airport. One of only a few in the entire Exumas region.

Common Language Spoken in Staniel Cay

English is one of the standard languages that is spoken in Staniel Cay, however, there are certain dialects that are spoken within its community. A combination of African, English and island dialects make up the Bahamian-English Language.

Final Thought

Staniel Cay is gifted with natural beauty. From flourishing plant life to shimmering crystal clear waters, exotic island living and resorts, Staniel Cay is a superior place and more than suitable for your next trip. It is a bucket-list vacation destination for families, couples or a group of travelers. If you are planning to make a trip towards the Bahamas, consider visiting Staniel Cay island and flying with Staniel Air, as it will be one of the most exciting, memorable and adventurous trips of a lifetime!