Romantic Bahamas VacationsDon’t ever confuse quiet with boring. At Staniel Air, we believe a quiet Bahamas trip can be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re not familiar with Staniel Cay, it’s on one of the smaller islands of the Bahamas, known as the Exuma Chain, and is just the right size for a couples or family vacation.

You might even say Staniel Cay is the “chilling” capital of the world.

Think of our little Caribbean island as the perfect blend of remote and active. At not even two miles long, Staniel offers a home base for quiet relaxation, as well as a jumping off point to do some eco-tourism, bonefish fishing, and many other exciting things.

Something to Eat and Drink

As one of the more remote Bahamas destinations, Staniel Cay stands out as one of the best if you’re not into the cruise ship lifestyle. Rather than crowded dining rooms, you’ll find a handful of casual places to eat, like Big Dogs or The Taste and Sea Cafe. On a night when you wanted a smidge more bustle, you could have a more formal dinner at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Lunch isn’t confined to the restaurants though. You can always pack one up and hit one of the white sand beaches that surround the island. Just make sure you carry out what you carry in so that everyone can enjoy this vacation paradise for years to come.

Remote Bahamas Vacations

No Cars or Trucks

Unlike some of the more popular destinations like Grand Bahama Island, you won’t hear car horns or truck engines while you’re relaxing on the secluded beaches. The way to get around on Staniel is by foot, bicycle or golf cart.

How’s that for quiet?

Quiet Places to Stay

In a word, cottages. Including the luxury accommodations at our Lazy Bay location, the island is dotted with cottages or villas for rent. So rather than an over-crowded beach resort, you’ll have a space all to yourself, many of which have dazzling ocean views.

Quiet Bahamas Vacationsquiet

A Slower Pace for Everything

Some places in the Bahamas are a little more commercial. Not so here.

You won’t be browsing the racks at The Gap or Banana Republic. Instead, you might drop by Lindsay’s Boutique and Gift Shop to get your Pig Island t-shirt.

No Wegmans, Krogers or Winn Dixie here either. You’ll get your day to day supplies at little general stores such as Burke’s, Pink Pearl or the Island General.

It’s a true change of pace for most of us. We all need that from time to time.

So when you’re looking for a quiet Bahamas vacation, Staniel Air should be your first call. Our flights leave from Fort Lauderdale Executive airport, and our concierge can help you with getting to Staniel Cay, accommodations, boat rentals, and more.

We look forward to hearing from you.