No trip to the Bahamas is complete without experiencing the lovable, Instagram famous Swimming Pigs! Our boat captain takes you right up to Big Major Cay where you can stroll around, snap some photos and play with the locals.

Big Major Cay’s “Pig Beach” famous residents are clearly at home in the tropics. Although they aren’t native to the island, they are just as comfortable as any other islander basking in the sunshine and taking to the seas. Friendly and gentle, these highly intelligent creatures nuzzle right up to visitors for a sampling of whatever’s on the menu. Of course, they love the attention as well so petting is certainly appreciated by some.
Since visitors (us humans) have become somewhat normal, the pigs don’t forage for food so they will be hungry! There are no humans who live on the island.

The swimming pigs are really a mystery. Local legends tell the tales of numerous shipwrecks and pirates all having to do something with the origin of the pigs. There’s even a businessman who feared a Y2K, millennial apocalypse who says he brought the pigs down to the island as a source of food. Whatever the case, it’s certainly become a popular, yet still a secluded attraction. And since Staniel Air’s Day Tour makes it easy to see these playful piggies, you could very well have them all to your own.