What You Didn’t Know About The Swimming Pigs

Big Major Cay is home to The Bahama’s famous swimming pigs. When we think of pigs most would picture them living on a farm, rolling around in the mud. We don’t think of them as resident islanders. But, what comes next may surprise you.

Pigs are actually great swimmers. Pigs and their close relative, boars have crossed large bodies of water before. For instance, boars have appeared off the Polish-Baltic coast in the past. So, pigs might be great swimmers but is that how they got to Big Major Cay? Professionals at Animal Planet seem to have a good idea.

How’d They Get There?

There are a lot of theories on how the swimming pigs got to Pig Island or Big Major Cay and we’ve touched on it before. But, the most widely accepted theory is that they were brought there by sailors. This was solidified in the first season of Animal Planet’s hit show “Nature’s Strangest Mysteries: Solved.” Animal Planet points out that Big Major Cay was an easy stop for sailors. Therefore, sailors left pigs there for an easy source of food that they didn’t have to carry on board. Sailors would stop to hunt a pig and enjoy a meal before continuing to embark on their journey. So, since this 1600’s drive-through is closed, what is keeping the pigs here?

Swimming Pigs Bahamas Pirates

The swimming pigs have inhabited Big Major Cay for as long as we know. But, Animal Planet has a good understanding of what is keeping them there. Big Major Cay has become a beautiful tourist attraction that is easily accessible by boat. With the tourists comes food for the swimming pigs. When the pigs hear the boat’s engine, they excitedly swim out to meet their guests. As a result, the tourists feed the pigs and keep them content in their home.

Swimming Pigs Bahamas

While the tourists feed the swimming pigs, that’s not the only thing keeping them happy. Big Major Cay is full of shaded area and mud to keep them cool and happy. Seeing the swimming pigs in their home is something you should check off your bucket list this year. Visit Pig Island and more of the Bahama’s natural beauty with us today.