As the launching point of our Bahamas day trip, it seems fitting to have a look at some Staniel Cay facts and history. It’s a beautiful little part of the world, and we love it there. So here’s some things you might find interesting.

Staniel Cay Facts

Is the Staniel Cay Airport Closed?

Let’s get this one out of the way first. No. It’s not.

The airport (TYM are the the call letters) WAS closed for a bit back in 2015, but it was open in time for the winter tourist season. So no worries there. They did maintenance on the runway, so that it’s safe and sound.

How long has Staniel Cay been Populated?

As with many things in the New World, that depends on your point of view. Most records indicate that Staniel Cay was formed by Americans loyal to England around 1783. It happened quite a bit in the Bahamas.  In fact, here’s a list of some of the loyalists, and the land grants they were given back then:

What’s the Most Popular Spot on Staniel Cay?

We’d probably say Staniel Cay Yacht Club. It’s the place everyone gathers to socialize for lunch and in the evening for cocktails, and it’s been around since 1956, when it was opened by Bob Chamberlain and Joe Hocher.

Staniel Cay Yacht Club History

Staniel Cay is a pretty small island. The yacht club certainly is a focal point there. If you asked what the most popular things to do NEAR Staniel Cay, you might end up hearing snorkeling in Thunderball Grotto, or swimming with the natives at Pig Beach.

How did the pigs get to Pig beach, you ask? Stay tuned. It’s a story/legend that deserves it’s own post, and that article is coming soon.

What’s the Population of Staniel Cay?

Just over 100 people live there regularly, believe it or not!

The Exumas, a chain of 365 islands that Staniel is a part of, has about 7,000 permanent residents.

How Large is Staniel Cay?

It’s right around 2 square miles. That makes it the perfect spot for a quiet Bahamas day trip or weekend. If you prefer golf carts to cars, this is the island for you!

What Amenities are Available on Staniel Cay?

This has changed a bit over the years, and it is still evolving. For certain, there’s the Yacht Club and marina, a church, a post office, several small grocery and sundry stores, and some marine suppliers.

There’s resorts and accommodations, too.

As for activities, we of course offer our day tour, as well as charter boats for fishing and exploring.

Snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, and sea kayaking are all available.

Thunderball Grotto Facts

Don’t miss out on your chance to just lay back and take it all in though. Part of the charm of a paradise like this is simply the availability of peace and quiet.