They may look like predators, swim like their cousins and swim right up to you but fear not. These fish are friendly.

At Compass Cay you’ll be greeted by what some say is a frenzy of fish. Not any fish but a rather large school of scurrying nurse sharks. The marina’s staff throw scraps of fish into the waters on the regular making these animals very friendly. Also, it keeps them quite full so they are less likely to get curious of the humans wading around the waters with them.

Within minutes you’ll feel right at home with these beautiful creatures. They swim right up to you, bask on the docks during high tide and let you pet them as they pass by. The friendly creatures you find on this day tour stop are bottom feeders and rarely harm humans. Of course, they are animals who get curious and they don’t like to be provoked. So keep little fingers at bay and enjoy these mystical creatures close up and in their realm.

Nurse Sharks Of Compass Cay

While we encourage guests to enjoy every aspect of the day tour, it is important to pay special attention to your guide’s recommendations and instructions.
Do not go near the sharks in the marina at Staniel Cay. Please wait until Compass Cay to interact with the sharks. This is for your safety!