Whether you’re travelling from the UK, Germany, France or anywhere else, getting to the Bahamas from Europe can be accomplished in a few different ways. There are a few things to consider when planning your trip, including what you really want to see, and what airports make the most sense for you.

Gettting to the Bahamas from Europe

Are there International Airports in the Bahamas?

The short answer is yes. Almost all the true airports in the Bahamas are considered international. At the same time, none of them are major hubs for the European airlines. That means you most likely will want to (or must) fly into Miami or Fort Lauderdale first.

That’s not really such a bad thing. Miami is a beautiful city, and a ton of fun. It’s also a short drive from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, and that is where we can help!

We offer a few options to get you and your fellow travelers to the Bahamas in style. We sell single seats to Staniel Cay (based on availability), and a charter service within 500 miles of FXE. That radius covers almost all the Bahamas. Drop us a note and let us know where and when you want to go, and our concierge will be happy to make all the arrangements with you.

FXE is close to West Palm Beach as well, so if your international flight happens to touch down there, you’re still in business. Our planes are about a 40 minute drive right down I95.

Are you Spending Your Entire vacation in the Bahamas?

There’s no doubt you can spend two weeks in the Bahamas and not get bored. Even on Staniel Cay, which is our main stop in the Bahamas, there’s plenty to do that will keep your entire family happy and busy. That’s if you WANT to be busy. A lot of us find that doing next to nothing on the island for a few weeks is nice, too. You can take a look at some of our favorite spots on and near Staniel here.

Let’s say you plan on spending some time in Miami during your visit, or maybe taking a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, but you still want to see the Bahamas.

You should have a look at our day trip to the Bahamas. It’s very popular with many European visitors to South Florida. You can see the famous swimming pigs, hop in the water with the gentle nurse sharks of Compass Cay, and enjoy a first-class lunch at Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Another possibility with Staniel Air is taking a sea plane down to Key Largo. While it’s not the Bahamas, the Florida Keys are world renowned for their beauty and fun activities. Our seaplane will drop right off at the Bungalows, where you will enjoy 5-star treatment at the resort. You can kayak the crystal blue waters, enjoy evening cocktails, or simply let the world slip away inside your room with a view.

If you’re into fishing, that’s available in Key Largo too. Just down the scenic Overseas Highway is Islamorada, which many consider to be the sport fishing capital of the world.

How about a Floating Hotel in the Bahamas?

Looking for a trip you can really brag about? Consider staying on our 115 foot luxury yacht Marbella II.  That’s 34.75m for our European friends. (See? Staniel Air even does the math for you…)

The luxury yacht stays anchored in Staniel Cay, so you’ll have access to a 37 foot Intrepid to run around the Bahamas and see the sights. You read all about what’s included in your floating hotel stay here.

Enjoy your Bahamas Vacation!

No matter how you spend it, you’re going to love it. Staniel Air makes it easy for travelers from Europe to get to the Bahamas and all South Florida. Give us a call today, and we’ll make your stay easy, fun, memorable and exciting!