Shark Fins at PortMiami

Miami sits just over 200 miles from Staniel Cay and the rest of the Exumas. This week, on January 24th, almost 1500 shark fins were pulled out of 18 large boxes in PortMiami. Shark finning is the process of cutting the fins off of sharks and discarding the rest of the shark body. More often than not, sharks will be finned while still alive. This inhumane act leaves the creature helpless to endure certain death. This process has been illegal in the US since 2000. Not only finning, but Shark fishing was banned entirely in the Bahamas in 2011. 

Shark Finning

Shark Finning 

Shark fins are a Chinese delicacy. Finning brings in a large sum of money for those who can get away with the malicious and evil act. The shark fins seized in PortMiami late last month were thought to be worth anywhere from $700,000 to $1M. These fins were thought to have originated in the South American/South Bahamian area. The Bahamas waters are protected. A ban was placed on long-line fishing in 1993 before the complete ban of shark fishing in 2011. This limited shark fishing in hopes of protecting the 40 species of sharks inhabiting the Bahamian waters. These creatures are imperative to the ecosystem in the Bahamas as well as to the wellness of the country as a whole. 

Shark Fin Soup

Tourism Affected by Finning

Tourism is the Bahama’s main source of income. Shark diving brings roughly $80M of revenue to the country every year. Placing the ban on shark fishing as a whole was a necessary action taken by the Bahamian Government. This will not only preserve a huge industry in the Bahamas, but it will preserve these shark’s lives. Staniel Air does it’s best to protect their ecosystem in which us humans love to visit and enjoy.

Nurse Sharks Of Compass Cay

Staniel Air and the Sharks

We love our shark friends at Staniel Air. One of our favorite attractions, which is also a stop on our day tour, is Compass Cay. Compass Cay is home to hundreds of nurse sharks that we like to get very up close and personal with. These friendly creatures are put in danger from shark poachers. We spend most of our time in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. But, our home away from home is the Bahamas. While here or there, we always do our part in keeping their home clean and free of unnecessary dangers.