Staniel Air’s Bahamas Day Tour to Staniel Cay is an exciting way to reward your team or co-workers. Spend the day on an adventure they will speak about for years to come. It’s a wonderful opportunity for teams who deal with the same scenery day in and day out to explore the pristine waters of the Bahamas.

Increasing worker’s productivity is an important goal of many companies. Socializing outside of the office is one of the best ways to increase morale and productivity. Your team naturally feels a need to support individuals after growing closer which in turn helps solve everyday office issues. They will start to understand strengths and weaknesses and start to explore common interests. Some of which may be exploring new places or travel.

Celebrations on a job well done motivates people and especially teams to want to win more. Often leading to increased, friendly competition that may help exceed next year’s goals. By doing so, bonding experiences such as spending the day together in the Bahamas may foster innovation and creativity. Teammates often talk about work while out of the office and explore different points of view or ways to solve problems. Imaginations run wild and the more comfortable they are with one another, ideas start flowing. Communication is key and once teams bond together the communication and willingness to work more efficiently blossoms.

There’s no better way than a rewarding getaway to the Bahamas where coworkers and teams can explore Pig Beach, the famous Thunderball Grotto and more. An exciting gift of adventure will surely lead to a more comfortable, successful workplace environment for any company, large or small.

Reward Your Sales Teams

Did you meet the sales quota this year? Better yet, did the team exceed the sales goals? If so, reward them with an affordable and memorable one day getaway to the Bahamas! Talk tactics and sales techniques while swimming with the sharks in Compass Cay or relaxing on the sandbar in the middle of the Caribbean. Unplug and recharge your team throughout the Exumas with a reward that they will want to perform for again next year!

Team Building Getaways Offsite

Looking for the ultimate team-building and team bonding experience? Charter a flight to Staniel Cay and explore the Bahamas and the Exuma Islands as a team. Snorkel, swim and selfie your way to a better teamwork and collaboration. It’s an opportunity for co-workers to mingle and bond outside the office and away from the daily distractions. Perfect for executive team building retreats and individual and small group incentive programs. The ultimate reward for productivity with play.

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