Thinking of a group trip leaving from the Miami, Fort Lauderdale area? You should consider chartering a flight from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport through Staniel Air. Book the plane instead of the seat! Why a charter as opposed to commercial? Here are a few great reasons if you want a truly memorable experience:

A Taste of Airborne Luxury

We know not everyone is in a position to charter a plane. However, if you and your group are, the benefits over flying commercial include a world class feeling of luxury. There’s no feeling quite like having the whole plane to yourself. You’ll be queen or king for a day!

Since Staniel Air operates within a 500 mile radius around FXE, some truly world class destinations are available. Having your bachelorette party in Key West? Perfect. Going to Bungalows Key largo for a few days? Taking some friends on a golf weekend? There are hundreds of golf courses within reach. Thinking of an exclusive weekend with family in the Bahamas? Our concierge service is here to attend to each detail of your flight.

So live it up, even for just a few hours.

Charter Flight Fort Lauderdale

You Know Everyone on the Plane

We all know what flying coach or business class can be like. Chartering your flight keeps you away from all the screaming babies (unless you bring one…), the salesman who really wants to talk about work for three hours, and all the other little annoyances that come along with taking a plane with the general public.

You can truly enjoy your flight, making it actually part of the vacation as opposed to just a means to get there. Talk with your friends, share a drink, and get the party started early.

Skip the Lines, and Get in the Air

Have you ever flown out of an executive airport? You’re in for a real treat. There’s simply no comparison between this experience flying out of MIA or FTL.

While security is still present and critical, you won’t be waiting in line for an hour to get through the TSA. You won’t be subjected to arguments about the size of a carry-on bag, or who is boarding first.

It’s more like driving really. You just get in and go.

Just another touch of luxury that makes the charter experience what it is.

Charter Fight FXE

Speaking of Driving… Spend less Time Doing It

It might seem strange but flying commercial actually LIMITS the places you can actually land. Florida is loaded with executive airports we can take you to. Many of them will be closer to your actual destination than the big International airports.

That means you’ll be spending less time driving to your resort or hotel, and more time enjoying the vacation.

In our view, the less time you spend on I-95, the better. We think you’ll agree.

Charter a Flight from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

Ready to learn more? Just call our concierge or drop us an email, and we’ll walk you through the entire process.

Step your vacation game up a notch or give your business team retreat a little more panache. Staniel Air is here to make everything as easy as possible, whilst you make memories!