Hundreds of people commute to and from the Bahamas daily and weekly. Boats and planes make their way to and from the Bahamas with multiple destinations and ports throughout the islands. The Bahamas, the nation, is made up of 700 islands. The Bahamas stretches for 760 miles from the coast of Florida in the northwest to almost Haiti in the southeast. The archipelago consists of about 2,400 Cays (coral reefs) and 700 islands, 30 of which are inhabited. The official name of the recognized nation is the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

While Grand Bahama, Nassau, and Bimini are popular destinations, the Out Islands are also becoming a popular destination for business travelers and commuters. Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas and is the home of the Bahamian Parliament.

What are the Out Islands of the Bahamas?

According to the Bahamian government, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the Bahamas is about 5.7 billion dollars. Tourism accounts for 50 percent, financial services for almost 20 percent, and the remainder divided between retail and wholesale, fishing, light industry, and agriculture. Plenty of people are discovering the Bahamas as a safe and fun way to make a living while living the island life!

Commuting from the United States is increasingly popular due to the proximity and now more popular airline routes to and from the Bahamas. Multiple daily flights are available to the more popular destinations and airlines have now discovered a demand for routes to the Out Islands.

The Out Islands of the Bahamas are one of nature’s gifts to the world. An unspoiled area of natural beauty and tropical waters unlike anywhere else in the world. Getting to the Out Islands is easier than ever. Flights are under two hours from Florida, US and relatively inexpensive. No wonder it’s becoming a popular center for business and travelers. There are numerous resorts and daily excursions available to visitors coming from all over the globe. However, these travelers require and demand amenities such as restaurants, retail stores, and professional services.

Commuting to the Out Islands is becoming a more popular option for business owners and employees who choose to live in other areas such as the United States. Flights can accommodate these travelers daily or weekly to and from their business locations. Staniel Cay is a popular, central destination in the Out Islands due to its airstrip and ample services. Boats are commonly used and readily available to get to other island destinations where workers and employees need to get to. Unlike long, uncomfortable, and expensive taxi rides in other cities, the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean aren’t at all bad to commute.

Accommodations for workers are also becoming more popular in the Out Islands. Although resorts and hotels have been a mainstay for quite some time, many villas and cottages are being used weekly for professional and business services. Luxury resort villas are also available and surprisingly affordable to corporate visitors who need to spend multiple nights in the Bahamas.

Whether you’re working there, considering a business opportunity in the Bahamas, or just need to stay a few nights in the beautiful Caribbean, commuting by air isn’t as difficult or pricey as it once was. Contact Staniel Air for more information on business travel and discounted flights to the Bahamas.