Bahamas Tourism

As many can understand, tourism is the Bahamas’ main source of income. Therefore, in this difficult time of rebuilding from Hurricane Dorian’s devastation, visiting the Bahamas may actually help.¬†Hurricane Dorian left thousands without food, water, or a place to call home. The Storm that hovered the northern Bahamas for nearly 48-hours was undoubtedly the worst storm the country has seen to date. What many may not know is that visiting unaffected areas in a time like this may benefit the rebuilding efforts.

Lending a Helping Hand

During our neighbors time of need, we immediately resort to sending necessary goods to affected areas. But, there are other ways we can help. While supplying the people of the Bahamas with much-needed resources is helpful, visiting in person to other areas directly unaffected may help even more. As stated before, the country’s main source of income is tourism. Hurricane Dorian traveled through the northern part of the country leaving the Exumas, a very popular vacation destination,¬†untouched.

Hurricane Dorian Bahamas

By visiting the Bahamas, it creates revenue allowing the country to rebuild and re-establish. While there is a lot of aid coming from the states, it isn’t enough. The Bahamian government needs more to help its people rebuild homes, stores, and medical centers.

How to Visit

Staniel Air flies to Staniel Cay four times a week for day tours, charter flights, and transportation to Lazy Bay Resort. Staniel Air departs from Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport and is focused on bringing much-needed supplies to the country during this time. Not only does visiting help the Bahamas, but it also allows us to continually transfer necessary items to those in need. Help in relief efforts, aid in rebuilding, and visit the Bahamas today. Together, we rebuild.